All About the Boss Zaheda!

I am shy but have a great personality. I love to read books and loves to sleep. I am also very lazy. However, I show my bossiness whenever things are competitive. I also love to eat even though I am skinny. Even though I don't show it at school, I have trouble controlling my temper.

I am humble and courteous. I want to go to either Princeton, MIT, or Boston University. When I grow up I either want to be a lawyer or an epidemiologist.

My favorite foods

Even though I am skinny, I eat a lot of food. I love chicken and you can't even tell based on my figure.

My Favorite Movies

Out of all the movies, I like Harry Potter the most because it gives me a sense of identity when I see what I can accomplish as a woman in life. It also encourages me to be brave and to make sure that I stay true to my friends and family.

My Favorite Animals

I love wolves and I think it is because I watch Twilight a lot. I also love wollves the most because of the way they stay in packs which shows the bond they have with their family.

My Favorite Shows

Reign is my favorite show because I am able to learn how Queen Mary of Scotland fought for her country. This also inspired my love for history.

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